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Jamie_T (895 D)
Mon 07 PM UTC
The notices on my front page are all jumbled up in a random order. PMs from weeks ago are at the top, and some of my game messages from the past day or two are lower down. Is anyone else noticing this?
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Enriador (1374 D)
Sun 02 AM UTC
It's time to talk about Scoring
Hello all!

Let's talk about scoring? More specifically, about whether the dreaded Points Per Supply Center (PPSC) scoring should remain an option?
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JECE (1192 D)
Sat 02 PM UTC
Is there a new mobile website?
It looks great, but could I turn it off? I use a BlackBerry Passport, which has a nice big screen and doesn't need it.
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Enriador (1374 D)
09 Oct 17 UTC
Napoleonic Variant, and the lack of neutral centers
I had the honor to play 'Napoleonic' back in the lab (an awful game as Spain by the way). I had a question back then which I ask here and now:

Why there are no neutral supply centers?
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The Ambassador (1634 D (B) (B))
20 Mar 17 UTC
Fixing the Pirates variant
With the new Lab up and running, as discussed in the DiplomacyGames podcast I'm keen to iron out the bugs in Pirates that people hate...
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GOD (1786 D Mod (B))
23 Sep 17 UTC
Balkans 1860 variant
Is it just me, or is Italy way too overpowered?
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Sengoku Nagashino Feedback Thread
Hi Sengoku Nagashino players - please deposit your thoughts here for designer digestion as the first round of games resolves.

Please do not directly comment on the situation/players etc. of any active games. Please limit your comments to the variant design itself, as it appears at gamestart. Once a game has completed, it is fair game for analysis, but not before please.
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jason4747 (919 D)
Mon 12 AM UTC
"Biggest Game of All Time Completed"- worth a look
By the nice people at WebDip.
Pot: 31,500  - Spring, 1918, Finished - Germany dominates at 17
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BenjaminHester (1015 D)
11 Aug 17 UTC
obsolete Sengoku variant
Hi all, designer of Sengoku here. I would love to get the latest version of Sengoku in use on this system, as it is much more balanced. Found here:
Even if the DP system, can't be used, the version at is still better than the one in use currently. Poor Mori needs a fair chance :-) Anyone willing/able to help me get these implemented?
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Devonian (1872 D)
29 Jun 15 UTC
1v1 Tournament Rules, Rankings, and Challenges
Official Rules for 1v1 Ladder Tournament
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butterhead (975 D)
21 May 12 UTC
Advertise your NON-live games here!
In an effort to compromise the pro-ads versus anti-ads for games: Post here for your non-live games to cut down on the number of ads but still advertise games. Post game link, WTA or PPSC, and the bet. Note: this doesn't count for special rules games.
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The Real Wheat (0 D)
Thu 16 Nov UTC
New Maps
I'm super new to the site and I was curious how new maps were made and/or submitted. I noticed a lot of the maps look a bit old and it got me thinking about what it would take to create a higher resolution version of a game map. Are there certain file formats a map must be in or is this all a responsibility for site admins only? Thanks!
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Major Problems (1138 D)
Fri 17 Nov UTC
Imperium Diplomacy
Under the variants, I noticed one called Imperium Diplomacy, but was not able to create a game using this variant. Is it a discontinued variant, or under a different name? It looks like an interesting one, especially the beginning turns.
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nopunin10did (1011 D)
30 May 17 UTC
1900 for vDip: Progress Report (ongoing)
As mentioned in another thread, I've been working on the code and assets necessary to port Baron M. Powell's variant 1900 to vDip and/or webDip.

In order to keep myself accountable in some fashion to actually complete this task, and not just talk about it, I've created a small project plan where I can mark my progress.
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DemonOverlord (910 D)
07 Oct 17 UTC
Vdip colour scheme
Hi, I think vdip would be more successful with a different colour scheme. Also less painful to look at.
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The Ambassador (1634 D (B) (B))
27 Oct 17 UTC
1066 Tournament
As discussed in episode 23 of the Diplomacy Games podcast I'm thinking of putting together a 1066 tournament. Interested takers?
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rebecca02 (1000 D X)
Wed 15 Nov UTC
locks of hair
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gman314 (1016 D)
12 Mar 11 UTC
Oli won.
On Imperial Civilization's off-topic thread (link inside), there was a brief stint of Second to Last Person to Post Wins. Now that the thread is closed, Oli won.
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BobRoss (1761 D)
31 Aug 17 UTC
Variant Tournaments Results & Ranking
As the Variant Tournament thread was getting clogged i thought it'd be a good idea to separate the organisational and ranking part.
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JECE (1192 D)
Fri 10 Nov UTC
Custom phase bug
This might be better in the Mods section, but I thouht I'd post here first to see if other users have any input.

I'm trying to create a new game with a custom phase length. When I select "Custom" from the drop-down menu, nothing happens. However, when I select "2 days, 2 hours", I've given the option to input a phase length. Hopefully this is an easy fix.
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KingCyrus (1669 D)
01 Nov 17 UTC
WWII Update Errors
Hello, I am currently in a game of WWII and I was just informed that it has been updated, "fixing" problems with dual coasts. This supposedly means that Palestine now has two coasts. However, I have a fleet in the Red Sea and it can no longer move to Palestine! Please fix?
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RUFFHAUS 8 (2501 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
Replacement Player(s) Needed
I need replacement players game sitters for several games:
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The Ambassador (1634 D (B) (B))
02 Sep 16 UTC
New podcast for online Dip games
Hi everyone

Kaner and I have started a podcast about playing Diplomacy online....
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peterlund (1080 D)
30 Sep 17 UTC
I have reported 2 Issues for vdiplomacy to kestasjk/webDiplomacy
Bug 1: "Turn limited vDip games should end after possible retreats" (Issue 261)

Bug/Questions 2; "How does vDip decide who the winner is?" (Issue 262)
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BenjaminHester (1015 D)
25 Oct 17 UTC
not quite ready, but... SE Asia 800
going to refine Balkans 1860 and Sengoku: Nagashino as needed before trying to implement this one. Thought I would just give y'all a peek behind the curtain. Thoughts welcome! (it has a few known imbalances to address, but it's close.)
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Jamie_T (895 D)
04 Oct 17 UTC
This is the game thread for vDip Mafia, Episode 1

Please DO NOT post in this thread if you are not playing in the Mafia game.
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Flame (0 D)
23 Oct 17 UTC
Austrian question once again!
Please help with testing a map "War of Austrian Succession"

Fast gunboat.
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Flame (0 D)
05 Oct 17 UTC
Classic 1898 Variant adaptation
I do the adaptation for 1898 variant. Who knows the author of the variant to mention him in the description. Or it's Hasbro itself?
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In year one when you just meeting everyone, maybe there anonymous but for sure you don't know any of them. How do you know who to trust?
They can be lying through their teeth and text doesn't show tone of voice or eye contact so you have no idea. If you believe them they may stab you. If you don't you venture into a DMZ and piss them off. Ask around to others and you get rumors or nothing. This game seems so much better suited to face to face.
dargorygel (924 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
Everybody lies
ubercacher16 (1262 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
But not everyone lies the first turn. In fact I try to avoid it. There is no reason to come across as a liar immediately.
Enriador (1374 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
I think it's the opposite really: I am an awful liar in real life, so the virtual interface allows me to lie freely. Given how lies are such a big part of Diplomacy, I think it's actually a virtue - though FtF is certainly much more fun!

I always start negotiations in the following manner (not mentioning usual "Greetings my Tsar" type of stuff):

1) I present my initial early game plans. For example, as Italy I tell Austria that I wish to move to APU, ION and Lepanto Turkey. That's your true presentation, and it's needed to showcase your skill as a negotiatior.

2) You ask what *their* early game plans are, and perhaps suggest something yourself. For example, as Italy you suggest Austria do not lose their time and race for Galicia, to avoid a Russian unit there - pontially freeing Trieste for you, and making Russia distrust Austria (and vice-versa).

"OK that's obvious, but what if they are lying?"

Well, everyone is always lying! Thing is, who you decide to 'trust'? There are a couple of ways I use to decide which Great Power I will *try* to dance with.

1) SKILL. By that, I mean the feeling that whoever you're talking to *knows the damn game*. It's a Germany worried about the Black Sea. It's a France asking Italy to persue a Lepanto, from where either Austria or Turkey may be targets. It's a Russia carefully courting Germany to leave Sweden alone. Etc.

I always prefer a skilled player who actively makes tactical suggestions, ponders strategical considerations and discusses diplomatic overtures made around the *entire board*. I will always prefer, as Germany, to ally a French player who is reasonable about Burgundy, seems to understand the board-wide implications of a Juggernaut and knows the Sealion moves back and forth than an England which limits itself to say "Hey can you support me to Belgium"?

2) GENEROSITY. That's a tough one, but it's the ultimate tiebreaker when deciding between two skilled neighbors. A generous player is one who is willing - almost paradoxically - to limit its own growth potential in exchange to help your own.

Exemple: as England, who to woo, Germany or France? If Germany wishes to open to Holland - thus denying any chance of blocking my potential rival Russia out of Sweden AND is obviously going for a 3-build start, and France kindly suggests that they are fine with supporting myself to Belgium, well, that becomes an easier choice.

If you are generous as well, you two are potentially off to a good friendship! Of course there are no guarantees that the promised support will come, but it's generally better to risk the guy who *looks nice* than to accept the other guy's arrogance.

Generosity - or rather, the *impression* of generosity - is the basis of diplomacy AND Diplomacy. You master the game when you manage to make your "friend" do things that actually are much more to YOUR advantage than theirs. Beware the excess of generosity though, lest you show either weakness or falsity!

As England in my previous example, I may allow Germany to have his three builds - thus apparently looking friendly, or at least neutral and thus not a primary threat - while in fact using my supposed generosity to engineer a "stop the leader" coalition that will bring them down and net me more centers than I would otherwise.

REMEMBER: it's still a blind shot. A more accurate shot, but still blind, and good thing it is because therein lies the fun of the game.
Enriador (1374 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
As a bonus tip, I suggest that, besides looking for skilled negotiators which seem to favor your nation over others, I also recommend SAFE OPENINGS. That way, if shit happens you always can more or less come back on your feet. Those below are my personal favorites; there are many others though, and each of them relies on *who* you are most scared of.

England: A Lvp-Yor, F Lon-NTH, F Edi-NRG
(Only opening that guarantees a build).

France: A Mar-Bur, F Bre-MID, A Par-Gas.
(Gascony shields all three centers; Burgundy either guards it or gives you leverage over Belgium; there are at least two units poised to take Portugal and Spain while also guaranteeing that you can protect Brest from F ENG or Marseilles from A Pie.)

Germany: F Kie-Den, A Mun-Ruh, A Ber-Kie
(You *can* afford to lose Munich, the most versatile supply center on the entire board. If you don't wish to, you can spare A Kie to do the job while also getting two centers.)

Italy: A Ven H, A Rom-Apu, F Nap-ION.
(You can hit Turkey through the Lepanto or Austria through the Illyrian; send F ION to Tun instead of convoying and you can make a surprise attack on France by F Tun-WES, F Nap-TYN, A Ven-Pie next Spring. Quite versatile!).

Austria¹: A Vie-Tri, A Bud-Ser, F Tri-Alb
(As good as you can get. Guarantees two centers from Serbia and Greece and cancels out the dreaded Trieste Gambit. Otherwise, with three armies adjacent to Trieste thanks to builds at Budapest and Vienna and an army already in Serbia by next Spring you should sort it out)
Austria²: F Tri-Ven, A Vie-Gal, A Bud-Ser
(If you are an absolute paranoid coward, do it. Protects *everything*, nets you a build, and can gift Greece away to either Italy or Turkey)

Russia: A Mos-Ukr, A War-Gal, F Sev-BLA, F StP-BOT
(Guarantees two units on Rumania, gives shot at Sweden, guards both Galicia and Black Sea.)

Turkey: A Con-Bul, F Ank-BLA, A Smy H.
(Gets Bulgaria, protects Black Sea, enables flexible Fall moves of F Ank-Con/A Smy-Syr or F Ank-BLA, A Smy-Arm if Russia does not play along).
ubercacher16 (1262 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
But unsafe openings are so much more fun!
jason4747 (919 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
Enriador, not Fleet Lon to English Channel? Or Fleet Brest to English Channel?
jason4747 (919 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
Great analysis too! I enjoyed reading it.
Enriador (1374 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC

For England, F Lon-ENG may 1) mean an useless fleet if a bounce happens or 2) the loss of Norway if Russia moved A Mos-StP. A Lvp-Yor can cover London from a French fleet in the Channel just fine.

For France, a fleet stuck in Brest is not that bad since you still have two armies capable of getting two builds, but it does limits your options way more than if you moved your fleet to MID - a space from where you can defend Brest, sneak into NAT, or IRI, convoy Gascony to Portugal, blitz into West Mediterranean, take Spain (south coast)... well, you get my point.
Enriador (1374 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
Thanks for the compliment by the way, the discussion is great.


I agree 100% with you on this. But perhaps it can be of some use sometimes - like in Gunboat.
Thanks so much Enriador for taking the time to care and to write so much. I find your first post quite valuable. Getting into the personality analysis. As to your second one, I do try to start opening safely. As I explore more variants I have to analyze each map and position and determine the best opens for it. I'm going to take some more time to reread and ponder both of your posts.
ubercacher16 (1262 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
Yes, Enriador, it can serve a propose, a unconventional opening can cause chaos, especially in gunboat, and not only make the game more fun but help you survive!

#Chaos is awesome.
Enriador (1374 D)
20 Oct 17 UTC
Indeed it is! But since the OP had a more defensive approach in mind, I thought safe openings were the way to go.
ubercacher16 (1262 D)
21 Oct 17 UTC
jason4747 (919 D)
23 Oct 17 UTC
The Liverpool to York does cover it and I see what you mean on the French side. It's funny, I read the Gamers Guide to Diplomacy from maybe the 80s, and it treated the English Channel for EF like the Black Sea for RT, ya gotta bounce. I gotta get my head out of those old styles.....
tantrumizer (1794 D)
23 Oct 17 UTC
Yeah, when I played in the 80s I felt the same. Now if I'm playing England or France I consider a move to English Channel in spring 1901 as a violation of human decency. :-)

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Known World Tournament
Awhile back, kaner proposed a Known World gunboat tournament in which 15 participants would play 15 games, one with each nation. I searched back for the thread, then just decided to start a new one. I want to see if there would be sufficient interest in this to try to get it off the ground.
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