War of Austrian Succession.
Thanks to Safari for coding this cool variant.

Edwardian (7 players)
Europe at the turn of the 20th century.
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Variant Parameters (Version: 1 / Code: 1.1):

Special rules/information:

The start date is Spring 1901, the beginning of the Edwardian Era.

Gibraltar is considered a coastal space, but a fleet in Gibraltar is allowed to convoy.

The deserts of Southern Algeria, Sahara and Nefud are considered impassable.

Land Bridge: There is a land bridge that connects Belfast (Blf) and Glasgow (Gla).

Canal Spaces: Cairo (Cai), Constantinople (Con), and Kiel (Kie) are canal spaces that allow for fleet and army movement.

Ionian Sea (Ion) and Tyrrhenian Sea (Tyr) do not border.

Denmark (Den) and Sweden (Swe) border for land and sea movement, but Denmark does not split the coast of Sweden (as in Classic Diplomacy).

Several armies and fleets begin the game occupying non-supply center spaces supplied remotely from vacant home supply center spaces. These include: Fleet Gibraltar (F Gib) supplied from Belfast (Blf); Army Lorraine (A Lor) supplied from Paris (Par); Army Macedonia (A Mac) supplied from Smyrna (Smy); Fleet Apulia (F Apu) supplied from Bologna (Bol).

Starting Positions:

Austria-Hungary (A), Army Vienna (A Vie), Army Budapest (A Bud), Army Sarajevo (A Srj), Fleet Trieste (F Tri)

Britain (B), Fleet London (F Lon), Fleet Cairo (F Cai), Fleet Gibraltar (F Gib), Fleet Glasgow (F Gla), Army Liverpool (A Lvp)

France (F), Army Algiers (A Alg), Fleet Brest (F Bre), Army Lorraine (A Lor), Army Lyon (A Lyo), Army Marseilles (A Mar)

Germany (G), Army Berlin (A Ber), Army Dresden (A Dre), Army Essen (A Ess), Army Frankfurt (A Fra), Fleet Kiel (F Kie), Army Munich (A Mun)

Italy (I), Army Rome (A Rom), Fleet Apulia (F Apu), Army Milan (A Mil), Fleet Naples (F Nap)

Russia (R), Army St. Petersburg (A StP), Army Kiev (A Kiv), Army Moscow (A Mos), Fleet Reval (F Rev), Fleet Sevastopol (F Sev), Army Warsaw (A War)

Turkey (T), Fleet Constantinople (F Con), Army Damascus (A Dam), Army Erzurum (A Erz), Army Macedonia (A Mac)

Province abbreviations:

Aeg – Aegean Sea

Adr – Adriatic Sea

Alb – Albania

Alg – Algiers

Als – Alsace

Ang – Angora

Apu – Apulia

Bal – Baltic Sea

Ban – Banat

Bar – Barents Sea

Bel – Belgium

Ber – Berlin

Bes – Bessarabia

Bis – Bay of Biscay

Bla – Black Sea

Blf – Belfast

Boh – Bohemia

Bol – Bologna

Bot – Gulf of Bothnia

Bre – Brest

Bud – Budapest

Bul – Bulgaria

Cai – Cairo

Cen – Central Mediterranean

Cis – Ciscaucasia

Con – Constantinople

Cro – Croatia

Cyr – Cyrenaica

Dam – Damascus

Den – Denmark

Dre – Dresden

Eas – Eastern Mediterranean

Eng – English Channel

Erz – Erzurum

Ess – Essen

Fin - Finland

Fra – Frankfurt

Gal – Galicia

Gas – Gascony

Gib – Gibraltar

Gla – Glasgow

GoL – Gulf of Lyon

Gre – Greece

Han – Hanover

Hej – Hejaz

Hel – Helgoland Bight

Ice – Iceland

Ind – Indian Ocean

Ion – Ionian Sea

Iri – Irish Sea

Jab – Jabal Shammar

Kie – Kiel

Kiv – Kiev

Kol – Kola

Kon – Konya

Lon – London

Lor – Lorraine

Lvp – Liverpool

Lyo – Lyon

Mac – Macedonia

Mar – Marseilles

Mec – Mecklenburg

Mes – Mesopotamia

Mid – Mid Atlantic

Mil – Milan

Mon – Montenegro

Mor – Morocco

Mos – Moscow

Mun – Munich

Nap – Naples

NAt – North Atlantic

Net – The Netherlands

Nrg – Norwegian Sea

Nth – North Sea

Nwy – Norway

Par – Paris

Pal – Palestine

Per – Persia

Pic – Picardy

Pie – Piedmont

Por – Portugal

Pru – Prussia

Rev – Reval

Rom – Rome

Rum – Rumania

SAt – South Atlantic

Ser – Serbia

Sev – Sevastopol

Sil – Silesia

Ska – Skagerrak

Smy – Smyrna

Spa – Spain

Srj – Sarajevo

StP – St. Petersburg

Sud - Sudetenland

Swe – Sweden

Swi – Switzerland

Tra – Transylvania

Tri – Trieste

Trp – Tripolitania

Tun – Tunisia

Tus – Tuscany

Tyn – Tyrrhenian Sea

Tyr – Tyrol

Ukr – Ukraine

Van – Van

Ven – Venetia

Vie – Vienna

Wal – Wales

War – Warsaw

Wes – Western Mediterranean

Whi – White Russia

Yor – Yorkshire