Finished: 12 PM Fri 13 May 11 UTC
Greek Gunboat
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 120 D - Spring, 1546 BC., Finished
1 excused NMR / no regaining / extend the first 1 turn(s)
Game drawn

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12 May 11 UTC (Oli): Hi everybody.
Sparta has serious computer issues and would like you all to draw the game. I've opened global chat to discuss this issue...
12 May 11 UTC Sparta, what's the problem?
12 May 11 UTC Maybe a new player can take over? A draw does not seem right. A cancel would be preferable to me but the game is fun so far.
12 May 11 UTC My home computer has imploded and trying to manage multiple games at work is not the best. So I'm trying to shutdown the smallest games as that would inconvenience the fewest people. I certainly will not be able to finalize moves in this game any more.
12 May 11 UTC Would it be possible for you to find a sitter or something? Or ask Oli to force a CD and let someone take over? You would lose the points but it wouldn't show up on your record. I just think a draw would mean we all kind of wasted our time.
12 May 11 UTC This one win means that much to you?
12 May 11 UTC No, that is not at all what I mean. I am playing only a couple games at this point. Sucks that one would go to waste.

But my point of view is that if we are going to end the game now, that it should not be drawn, but rather cancelled. I would prefer you find a sitter or something. There are plenty of people who would be capable and willing.
12 May 11 UTC It's fine. I can just hold my defensive line against Macedonia while you kill Rhodes and Byzantium for the win. You just need 6 SCs for the win. But I'm still going to have to go into the office on the weekend to put in orders.

And if you notice, I put in cancel as well.
12 May 11 UTC But why not get a sitter? If finsihing the games is such a problem why not go for the easiest solution?

And furthermore, this is a gunboat game. The fact that you are talking about moves/strategies is pretty bad.
12 May 11 UTC It was more of a snide comment that a discussion of moves. You are the one hold out. You claim that you prefer a cancel, but aren't recording that either. I was implying that you were a bit desperate for a win.
12 May 11 UTC Can you please explain why you refuse to find a sitter? I can recommend trustworthy players who would likely be willing. I don't know who is and isn't in this game, but there is certainly someone who would be happy to help you out.

I am not holding out because I am desperate for a win. The points would be nice, sure, but I prefer to play for fun. And this game was fun until now. It will be fun again if someone entersw roders for you. Or you find a way to do it yourself.

Perhaps a pause until your problems have been resolved is best? But even still, I think playing on could be dangerous since you have made so many pointed comments in this chat pane.
12 May 11 UTC I have never gotten a sitter and I have never CDed in any game in year and a half on here. You signed up to play me. It will be very inconvenient for me over the weekend and given the general expectation that players should finalize in these kinds of games, it seemed unfair to everyone. It was pretty clear that you were going to win once Rhodes CDed and Byzantium them making one tactical mistake more or less sealed the deal. I admit that you have won and bow in honor of your excellent play with a little bit of luck. I don't see what more you need. You are the only holdout.
12 May 11 UTC Then I guess we draw. I would rather know who you are, I think, and presumably you would like the same.
12 May 11 UTC And after all that it ends up being you, gopher. And you were the one calling me desperate for a win - after the stunts I have seen you pull. Remember when you forced Czech and I to hold a stalemate for 5+ years?