Finished: 10 PM Tue 25 Nov 14 UTC
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 2 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
1 excused NMR / no regaining / extend the first 1 turn(s)
Game won by DL (1236 D)

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19 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 1904: Interesting… ;-)
19 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 1904: Otherwise we would sit here to the end of time bouncing in Western Med and Munich :)
19 Nov 14 UTC Autumn, 1904: Indeed!
25 Nov 14 UTC GG!
25 Nov 14 UTC GameMaster: France voted for a Concede. If everyone (but one) votes Concede the game will end and the player _not_ voting Conceede will get all the points. Everybody else will get a defeat.
25 Nov 14 UTC Thanks for playing :)
25 Nov 14 UTC my pleasure!
Let´s try another one?
25 Nov 14 UTC i will create a game just as this (random choice of countries) with just 2 players, ok?!
Password: rematch
25 Nov 14 UTC Alright. I'm looking forward to it.
25 Nov 14 UTC I do not know how to create a game like that...
Can you help me?
Is there any option of PICK YOUR COUNTRY randomly and with only 2 players?
25 Nov 14 UTC hehe :) You need to select the variant ClassicVS and put "(??)" somewhere in it's name.
25 Nov 14 UTC In this variant you can choose which countries you want to be playable.

* You neet to put the first letter of the countries you want to play in brackets and put them in the game-name.
* Example: "Testgame (IRG)" will set up a 3-player game with Italy, Russia and Germany.
* You can put other words in brackets too, but they will be ignored.
Example: "Testgame (ItalyVsRussiaVsGermany)" will work too.
You can use one or more "?" to mark a random country. After the game starts the "?" will be replaced with a country letter and all other players get their countries randomly.
Example: "Testgame (?I??)" will open a game with Italy and 3 random countries.
25 Nov 14 UTC i created it... had you found it?
25 Nov 14 UTC Found it. But you created a 7 player game. You need to put "??" in brackets in the game's name.
25 Nov 14 UTC Just use this one: