Finished: 01 AM Thu 28 Jul 11 UTC
Balkans Experiment
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 90 D - Autumn, 1911, Finished
Balkan Wars VI, Anon, PPSC
1 excused NMR / no regaining / extend the first 1 turn(s)
Game drawn

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23 Jul 11 UTC Spring, 1911: I'm not arguing for it, but I'll throw the idea out there. Since this is the very first game on this map, do we want to consider drawing before anyone get eliminated? Do people feel OK with players getting defeats given our collective unfamiliarity with the dynamics of the map?
23 Jul 11 UTC Spring, 1911: Yeah, I am fine with that actually. Up to everyone else.
23 Jul 11 UTC Spring, 1911: Well, my opinion on this can't exactly be free from bias. So I'll leave it up to everyone else, too.
23 Jul 11 UTC Spring, 1911: Seeing I'm probably one to be eliminated it'd be in my self interest to say yes, but I'm totally cool with going with what becomes the overall thinking across everyone.
23 Jul 11 UTC Spring, 1911: I just thought a big player needed to suggest it. Play until someone is about to be eliminated and then draw?
23 Jul 11 UTC Spring, 1911: Yeah, we can do that. So long as the last two agree. I am generally ambivalent. However, I don't think we can hold it against the last two if either one wants to play on to completion.
23 Jul 11 UTC Spring, 1911: Doesnt bother me terribly either... you all click draw, so will I.
26 Jul 11 UTC Do we want to draw or cancel the game altogether? I know some of you guys don't like the illegitimate draws mucking up your stats. I don't care...
26 Jul 11 UTC No other people will want to see opening and power dynamics. Canceling will remove the game altogether.
26 Jul 11 UTC I don't think we're ready yet to draw the game, but putting mine in now so when we reach that point it's at least done.
26 Jul 11 UTC So has my suggestion of a draw just ruined the game?
26 Jul 11 UTC So it seems?
26 Jul 11 UTC Sorry, I was just trying to be nice. :o(

I think Serbia or Albania is going to die early in every game depending upon Greece's mood. Bulgaria can cut a deal with Romania over Dubruja.

Any other thoughts?
26 Jul 11 UTC LOL, the sentiment is well received I think. I agree with your assessment. Greece starts out pretty strong, especially if he can direct everyone else to other objectives. Serbia perhaps has the worst start?
26 Jul 11 UTC Yeah, I'd agree with that. Serbia looks like the Austria-Hungary of this variant, only without a good hedgehog opening.
26 Jul 11 UTC Bulgaria looked weakest, but I offered an NAP and with one safe border he was able to manage. I don't think that Serbia starts any worse than Albania. But both face the danger of being second weakest.
26 Jul 11 UTC I must admit I found turkey totally hamstrung even before Greece started heading my way. Turkey has to decide if it'll try to grow by getting a Med island SC and totally defend itself in Con, defend Con and defend the Black Sea (& getting no SCs at all) or risk Con. I went the later. The only really effective of any merit for turkey would be the first option.
26 Jul 11 UTC The wOrd 'option' should've been added after effective.
26 Jul 11 UTC I was happy to have drawn Romania as it seemed the safest.....maybe after Greece.
27 Jul 11 UTC Id actually go the other way with Serbia... Im playing another match as Serbia and managed to become the strongest power right now... To do this though it required me to work heavily with Austria