Finished: 01 PM Wed 01 Feb 17 UTC
Private 2nd Sengoku 8x8 - 4
2 days /phase
Unrated - Autumn, 1582, Finished
Sengoku, No messaging, Anon, WTA, Hidden draw votes
1 excused NMR / no regaining / extend the first 2 turn(s)
Game won by bozo (2301 D)

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31 Dec 16 UTC Spring, 1570: Captainmeme (Moderator): Aaaand this one's good to go :)

Good luck, and let me know when the other 4 are up!
30 Jan 17 UTC Masterfully done bozo....TCHTT, I just couldn't seem to get on the same page with you at the end. Not sure it would have made a difference though.
30 Jan 17 UTC thanks
30 Jan 17 UTC Thoroughly frustrating game, which completely shows the wisdom of playing these things unrated. SamJ and YCHTT, I had entertaining fights with both of you during the game. However both of you showed ridiculous greed at critical points in the game, and deserved to lose this game to Bozo. Frankly you're lucky that he accepted a draw.
31 Jan 17 UTC He didn't accept a draw??
31 Jan 17 UTC You know I love you, dr rec, but you were stupid to continue your aggression toward me as long as you did. I was surprised you couldn't see this.
31 Jan 17 UTC GG all, and nice W bozo.
31 Jan 17 UTC Oh..... wow, excellent point Mapu. I didn't look closely enough. Fall 1577, both Shimazu and Asakura continue to ignore the Uesugi threat. Asakura to some extent was likely driven by delusions of a victory since he held a lead. Shimazuon the other hand made a silly stab for Hizen. Yes, yes, I know Hizen was once Shimazu... That's irrelevant. The Mori fleets could have held the line with you and prevented Uesugi from soloing. From this turn on I had to fight against both Askura and Shimazu as Uesugi raced to a solo. I cannot imagine what you guys were thinking that season where those two dots (Hizen and Bingo) were worth losing the game.
31 Jan 17 UTC If Samj would have stopped attacking me dinner, I wouldn't have thrown the game. But I gave him one last chance to see that I was the one holding bozo back. He chose to take another of my SCs so I decided to give bozo the win if I couldn't be part of the draw. Same has himself to claim for the last two years of the game.
31 Jan 17 UTC Blame not claim
31 Jan 17 UTC And yes, you read correctly. I threw the game. If I'm not going to be in the draw when it is three of us, there won't be acdraw.
31 Jan 17 UTC Segoku is actually and excellent variant for the reasons illustrated in this game. All too often players take the approach that once attacked they must always be enemies. And equally often players stab for abuild that they really do not need, nor realize the long term consequences. Sengoku is very difficult to solo unless you have minor players bickering over a dot or two. Then it can unravel very quickly.

In my opinion Shimazu blew it in Fall 1577, taken Hizen, but he sealed the deal by not finding a way to work with Asakura.

I didn't watch the Taked/Hojo sitution closely, so I'll need to go back through the turns to see what Doctor and Mapu had going.

Nice work by Uesugi though to capitalize on things at the precise moments necessary.
31 Jan 17 UTC Now see, that's why I joined in with this group. I do fine normally when I can talk to people, but the no press games still are my weak point. To me, I never felt like there was a point where Asakura was willing to work together. Obviously I missed something others saw, and I need to look back through the orders to see what it was that should have convinced me I could trust him. As far as Hizen was concerned, you are correct, in hindsight it was not worth it. I was too focused on holding what I was gaining, and not looking at the other side of the map enough. Beat up on me if you want, that's why I am here. To get better.
31 Jan 17 UTC It's just disappointing to see players ignoring the solo threats, Sammy. It's not all on you. If you and/or others took something away from this point in terms of learning, then it was a success.
31 Jan 17 UTC Use the large mao and you can see support holds/moves that failed because units moved or help. Also, look to self bounces and builds that were no threat to you. All of these are indicators of peaceful intent you overlooked.