Finished: 06 PM Fri 23 Mar 18 UTC
Ancient Dip
2 days /phase
Pot: 50 D - Spring, 8, Finished
1 excused NMR / no regaining / extend the first 2 turn(s)
Game drawn

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Chat archive


09 Feb 18 UTC Spring, 1: (GOD): Hi
09 Feb 18 UTC Spring, 1: (RageWalrus): Hello
09 Feb 18 UTC Spring, 1: (GOD): Good evening
09 Feb 18 UTC Spring, 1: (Big King): How are you all?
09 Feb 18 UTC Spring, 1: Greetings all
20 Mar 18 UTC Autumn, 6: Now this was a very boring game.
20 Mar 18 UTC Autumn, 6: Awwww, I'm sorry.
21 Mar 18 UTC Spring, 7: You're most likely not and that's fine, it's just a game...
22 Mar 18 UTC Autumn, 7: GameMaster: Greece voted for a Draw. If everyone votes Draw the game will end and the points are split equally among all the surviving players, regardless of how many supply centers each player has.
22 Mar 18 UTC Autumn, 7: I think the build phase has to finish or egypt gets included
23 Mar 18 UTC Good game, everybody.
23 Mar 18 UTC Hahahahaha now that is a joke, three of five players ganging up, defeating the other two (who by game design don't have a chance at all) and them drawing is not a good game.

Now I am obviously to blame partly myself as well, I did not do well enough. But all of you had the chance to solo, utilizing me, nobody seized it...
23 Mar 18 UTC I mean the game is over now, so it doesn't matter, and the variant is partly to blame as well...but I just hope that you guys will play better, meaning aiming higher, in your future games :)
23 Mar 18 UTC Someone’s a sore loser.
24 Mar 18 UTC No, this has just not occurred to me very often yet (luckily). As soon as more than 50% of the players ally and then never fight each other, the others stand no chance, the game is doomed to be boring and pointless.

But that's it from my side, see you in the next games!