Start: If full - Expires: 8 days, 15 hours (07 AM Sun 16 May UTC)
Renaissance Rumble
1 day /phase
Pot: 60 D - Spring, 1450, 24 players (of 36) missing.
Europa Renovatio, WTA, ChooseYourCountry, noProcess:Fri
2 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend the first 3 turn(s)
Sat 24 Apr UTC GameMaster: Please remember that negotiations before the game begins are not allowed.
Tue 27 Apr UTC (lfischl): hey
Wed 28 Apr UTC (Mikey99): I've messaged the Mods for more time to find 31 more players... will take a while I think.
Mon 09 PM UTC (ZachPike): Hi everyone. It's nice to meet all of you. I am a fairly new player to Diplomacy, and I'm really looking forward to playing this game with you all!
Mon 10 PM UTC (ZachPike): If I may ask, since I'm new to this particular variant, how do the neutral build centers within a player's country work? Are players allowed to build their starting fleets and armies there? Or are they effectively not counted at all, whether for building or total number of builds, until fall of 1450?
Mon 11 PM UTC (Mikey99): Hi Zach, welcome to vDip and to this game. If yuo click on the name of the variant (not this particular game), you'll see all the rules particular to this variant. If you join other games, you'll notice they do change so its good to check in each case.

You start with your centres and can build there and in any centre that you control and is vacant at that time. You cannot build in a neutral, even if it is your colour, until you have taken that centre. In that sense, the colours at the start are only an indication of historical starting points... so for example, Austria cannot build in TIR or GOR, nor England in SHW, HMP, KNT or ESS. So take them and use them until someone else comes along and takes them from you.
Tue 10 AM UTC (ZachPike): Understood! That will certainly color my initial moves during the game.
Tue 12 PM UTC (Parmenides): Hello!
Tue 12 PM UTC (RexPD): Hey Parmenides!
Tue 04 PM UTC (ZachPike): Hey there!
Tue 04 PM UTC (RexPD): Hey!
Tue 05 PM UTC (lfischl): Hey Rex
Tue 05 PM UTC (RexPD): Heyo Lfischl! Hopefully you'll get your moves in on time in this one ;)
Tue 06 PM UTC (lfischl): :(
Tue 07 PM UTC (RexPD): Jk man, glhf to all :)
Tue 07 PM UTC (RexPD): Jk man, glhf to all :)
Tue 07 PM UTC (RexPD): Jk man, glhf to all :)
Tue 07 PM UTC (RexPD): Jk man, glhf to all :)
Tue 07 PM UTC (RexPD): Jk man, glhf to all :)
Tue 07 PM UTC (RexPD): Jk man, glhf to all :)
Thu 03 AM UTC (JDT1706): Hi
Thu 09 AM UTC (ZachPike): That feel when you just want the game to start so you can start negotiating with people. I want to start plotting world conquest, dangit.
Thu 10 AM UTC (Mikey99): Its a long game, you'll have time for that... though the first stage is simply surviving the first cull.
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This is not an anon game, names will be revealed once the game starts.
Qara-Qoyunlu, Teutonic-Order, Denmark, Novgorod, Mamluks, Poland, Aragon, Castille, Milan, Livonian-Order, Ottomans, Switzerland