Finished: 05 AM Tue 13 Jul 21 UTC
Gunboat Colonial-3
18 hours /phase
Pot: 50 D - Spring, 1909, Finished
Colonial 1885, No messaging, Anon, PPSC
2 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend the first 3 turn(s)
Game drawn

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06 Jun 21 UTC Autumn, 1893: GameMaster: Germany voted for a Draw. If everyone votes Draw the game will end and the points are split equally among all the surviving players, regardless of how many supply centers each player has.
08 Jul 21 UTC GameMaster: France voted for a Extend. If 2/3 of the active players vote Extend the the current phase will be extend by 4 days. Please consider backing this. If the majority is not reached by "Spring, 1910" the votes will be cleared.
08 Jul 21 UTC GameMaster: Per 2/3 majority vote the gamephase got extended by 4 days.
(Voters: France / Italy / Austria)
08 Jul 21 UTC Thanks for a fun game all. That mad scramble for Britain towards the end was quite something!
08 Jul 21 UTC Good game all!

Japan - can't fault you for going for the solo. One center away, that's crazy.

Austria - glad it all worked out in the end... Perhaps it was foolish for me to think I could grind you down. It would've taken Italy to join in for that to succeed. Well done in bunkering down.

Russia - I really wanted you to be in the final draw.

Italy - well done! That was basically a partnership from the get-go. There were so many times one of us could have stabbed the other for multiple SC's. These are my favorite type of games - when you establish an alliance early on and see it through to the end. I can't be more proud to have called you an ally.

Britain - what in the heck happened to you?
08 Jul 21 UTC GG everyone. I tried to be in the final draw, but it just wasn't meant to be.
09 Jul 21 UTC Lol one SC away from the solo does sting a bit! Even so, it was a fun map to play.

Britain - mate you were dominating from the onset, was really surprised to see your downfall
09 Jul 21 UTC Thanks all, good game - I'm thrilled to get the draw over the loss. Such an awfully unlucky position for Japan to be so close, don't blame you at all for testing a few phases to see if it would budge. Real shame about Britain dropping a decent position.

Thank you France - it got quite testy didn't it, you're right about needing Italy to have joined in, in the end I'm glad you both didn't stab each other.

Italy - great partnership throughout, I greatly appreciate you not taking the easy stab when I was under assault from France, and we both got decent platforms.
Unlucky Russia - I was trying to support you in the early game but it became an opportunity cost to not grow north eastwards.
Also unlucky Turkey, it's a rough draw on this map unless a really fast start happens.
Germany had a fantastic start but unlucky in the middle, I thought in early game Holland were going to go on a march too.
Very interesting game all.

France -
09 Jul 21 UTC *France - I was slightly surprised at the reverse to convoy back up to Europe - I thought stabbing Italy was the natural action at that point. Very difficult to tell what would have played out - no way I would have joined attacking Italy but couldn't break through v France without fleets
09 Jul 21 UTC Austria - yeah I realize I dragged out the draw vote over a few phases, after taking Karachi and Tashkent I was hoping for one final SC (either Maldives or Orenburg) and tried a few combinations/shifted fleets up the Indian coast. But Italy's defensive wall, supplemented by yourself and Austria was unbreakable.
09 Jul 21 UTC * yourself and France
09 Jul 21 UTC Hey, that was a great game had a lot of fun!

France- I am very glad that we could work so good together after I stupidly took Algiers and Marroca the first phases...

Austria- I would had attacked you when Japan haven´t eaten up mostly complet Asia or was short befor ... the turns before France attacked you, I feared each round you will attack me and take Venice..

Japan- I can feel you... I had tryed every thing too...