Finished: 02 AM Mon 11 Apr 22 UTC
Fog of Hastings
12 hours /phase
Pot: 6 D - Autumn, 1069, Finished
1066 (V3.0), Anon, WTA, noProcess:Sat
1 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend the first 1 turn(s)
Game won by General Treanor (1019 D)

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10 Apr 22 UTC gg and congrats General Treanor! send me a message if you want to play another game and I'm happy to join (maybe Gunboat?)
10 Apr 22 UTC Thanks for the game guys.
First game I've won so I appreciate it.
Looking back at the replys though I'm not sure you understood how the standing armies worked actium? You need to support your unit against them to take the center, just like you would another players unit. This probably have me an unfair advantage.
10 Apr 22 UTC I never saw the castles on Dublin Brittany or Flanders until after i attacked them, which meant i went backwards real fast
10 Apr 22 UTC Yeah this may as well have been gunboat. Haha.
I really like the fog of war games. I think this map and the two classic variants are the o not o mea with it though?
10 Apr 22 UTC I did make a big mistake on turn 1, I (stupidly) thought HW was a supply center so when I planned initial moves I expected to build a unit in the fall of the first turn which didn't happen lol
10 Apr 22 UTC On Play Diplomacy, there's fog of war as a game option for the classic, 1900, Milan, Ancient Med, and War in the Americas maps. The most thrilling game I've ever played was a fog of war War in the Americas map lol
10 Apr 22 UTC I made a new game if you guys are interested, I just increase phase length to 1 day tho
10 Apr 22 UTC
10 Apr 22 UTC I stuffed my orders for taking GLD to, did the support around the wrong way.
You had me a little frazzled with hadrians wall for a few phases there, particularly when your fleet showed up.
Something I noted that I didn't know before is that when yo u supported your fleet back in I could see the support line so I knew you had another fleet there even though I couldn't see that province.
10 Apr 22 UTC ahh interesting!
10 Apr 22 UTC I'm on for another round.