Finished: 06 AM Sat 18 Jun 22 UTC
Der Krieg des Kreutzes
1 day /phase
Pot: 175 D - Spring, 1659, Finished
0 excused NMR / no regaining / extend never
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18 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Singy): Ist das hier ein spiele auf deutsch oder nur english?/is this a game on German or only English?
18 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Mikey99): I just used a German name, because it is set in Germany. But I am not a German speaker, sorry... aber Google ist mein freunde.
18 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Singy): I'm no German speared as well I'm Bosnian just relearning the language
18 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Singy): Speaker*
18 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Mikey99): Ok so we stick to English then :-)
21 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Trench): English is #1
21 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Singy): I heard it once described as the bastard language and it is an appt description

It is Germanic but throughout it's development has been under the influence of every other language on the continent from Ancient Greek and Latin Romans to Scandinavian French Normans. It is the least Germanic Germanic language

And I love that bastard despite all it's flaws
21 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Mikey99): I'm a native speaker and while I've learned several languages I am not fluent in any other. But I am a professional writer and particularly love the eloquent use of English. I also have studied the development of English, including the development from old (Anglo-Saxon,Norse) into modern English.
21 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Mikey99): As you say though, its originally a Germanic language. It is interesting though that we lost the masculine/feminine/neutral aspect to nouns, though German kept it.

We now have 3 players, hope for 4 more. This is one of my favourite maps as knights make it very interesting for movement.
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Sasanov): i guess we have a third again
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Mikey99): Welcome... just 4 more required, lol.
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Sasanov): i speak russian (my parents are from ukraine), and we only have got the feminine/masculine, and no real neutral
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Singy): Привет из Боснии! Как дела?

I remember trying to learn Russian as my 4th language but it didn't stick. But one russian I talked to (jokingly) suspected me of being a cold war spy for knowing English, Russian and German.

I won't lie those would've been useful skills during the 20s century, yes
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Mikey99): There is a brigade here, on this site, that are so blindly anti-Russian that they would accuse you of being a Putin-lover here if you talked about learning Russian language. I have no time for such foolishness.
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Singy): People often overreact during such times, truth is the first casualty of war but nuance is probably the second
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Mikey99): along with a broad minded ability to critically understand a situation from more than the perspective one is fed by a biased media.
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Singy): I didn't specify but I live in the Serb half of Bosnia so by god do I know what biased media looks like. This online anti russian propaganda counterbalances the anti ukranian one I hear on television

If I were to take everything on face value I'd believe Ukraine is both a fascist state that doesn't exist but also a egalitarian society that existed since the beginning of time
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Mikey99): I live very far away from Europe, so can only rely on media (of all forms) along with my own critical faculties plus a solid understanding of known history. I also strongly distrust pretty much all post-WW2 US Empire foreign politics and they have a very heavy hand in this present war plus total domination of all MSM.
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Singy): All of us rely on media, after all no one has a bird's eye view of the situation even if they're in the middle of it. No one can know aeverything

So I make it a point to not argue too much about these things ("are all east slavic people just Russians with a funny accent?", "Did NATO break some unwritten agreement in the 90s that the west won't expand further then Germany?", Etc.) as it often ends up being a distraction from how could we stop the current suffering people are going through

...all I can tell you is I was expecting my russian lessons will come in handy when I visit Russia, but with the flight of people from Russia it turns out the they will visit me!
23 Apr 22 UTC Spring, 1648: (Mikey99): Not sure it was an unwritten agreement... it was a publicly stated promise. That NATO would "expand not one inch closer towards Russia" - 1989 by then Secretary of State James Bakker.