Game processing has now resumed!

Almost all games got paused during the process of fixing unfortunately. We now rely on your help as there is no record on paused games prior the breaking issues and the moderator team cannot check all games manually.
Please, vote to continue all your games yourself. And please give your game opponents some time to return to the website. If you have problems resuming your games, you can ask in the mod forum for assistance. However, such requests will not be processed before Thursday, Dec 2.


The page may still be in an unstable state as lots of changes where deployed without sufficient testing. You may thus observe some problems in the upcoming days. Please report them in the mod forum so we can resolve them as soon as possible. If you cannot access the mod forum, report via email at


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Details on the calculation of the vPoint-Rating.

Stats for JW:

Game Name Variant Status Change Total
40152 First Crusade Oct19 FirstCrusade Drawn 20 1020
40325 Foggy Gunboat VII ClassicFog Defeated -32 988
40324 Gunboat spice SpiceIslands Drawn 38 1026
40293 Australian dominance MateAgainstMate Defeated -31 995
40291 Just Another European war V2.0 Enlightenment Won 445 1440
40276 Treasure Islands ClassicSevenIslands Defeated -29 1411
40253 Megalomaniacs-3 KnownWorld_901 Defeated -51 1360
40287 Tai-Pan! Canton Drawn 23 1383
40842 To koinon AgeOfPericles Defeated -38 1345
40609 A Modern Europe A_Modern_Europe Defeated -45 1300
40841 Черт с ними! AustrianSuccession Survived -49 1251
40763 The Empire strikes back-2 Germany1648 Won 84 1335
40981 A bit of fun Colonial Defeated -32 1303
41179 Great Lakes! GreatLakes -60 1243
40286 Culling of the Herd Europa_Renovatio -79 1164
40911 Imperalismo Imperial2 -40 1124
40976 Gothic Revival Europa_Renovatio -29 1095
40323 Modi Maharajah -20 1075
40130 Europa Imperatoria Europa_Renovatio -26 1049