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Most issues should by now be resolved by emergency fixes. However, remaining issues might still occur.
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The last process time was over 150 minutes ago (at Mon 15 Nov UTC); the server is not processing games until the cause is found and games are given extra time.

Details on the calculation of the vPoint-Rating.

Stats for bkoo (1186 D):

Game Name Variant Status Change Total
42928 Quarantine and Chill ClassicIER Survived -17 983
42926 VayaDores SouthAmerica4 Drawn 8 991
44325 Try Again? Live-10 Empire1on1 Defeated -6 985
43871 I’m A Classic Man Classic Defeated -19 966
43565 Murica' Style Empire4 Defeated -9 957
44285 Defenderaras WWII Drawn 23 980
42227 Sticks and Stones WWIVsealanes Drawn 206 1186