Finished: 11 AM Sat 13 Aug 16 UTC
Theatre of War
2 days /phase
Pot: 225 D - Autumn, 1913, Finished
Aberration V, Anon, WTA
1 excused NMR / no regaining / extend the first 2 turn(s)
Game drawn

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Chat archive


07 Jun 16 UTC Spring, 1901: Good luck to all
07 Jun 16 UTC Spring, 1901: you too man
07 Jun 16 UTC Spring, 1901: Have fun!
15 Jun 16 UTC Autumn, 1902: I will be travelling over the next @24 hours, so my contact will be minimal during that time.
15 Jun 16 UTC Autumn, 1902: Good luck
06 Jul 16 UTC Autumn, 1905: GameMaster: Hungary voted for a Concede. If everyone (but one) votes Concede the game will end and the player _not_ voting Conceede will get all the points. Everybody else will get a defeat.
12 Jul 16 UTC Autumn, 1906: Well, I guess I am the latest player to submit moves and have them not take. I submitted yesterday morning and hit enter, I guess it's my fault though , I should have hit ready also. This seems to happen if you only hit save.
12 Jul 16 UTC Autumn, 1906: Have you reported this? I've never experienced it and I use SAVE all the time.
12 Jul 16 UTC Autumn, 1906: No, this has happened before over time and I've heard the discussions about it. Thankfully nothing happened to severe.
12 Jul 16 UTC Autumn, 1906: Since you've seen this happening repeatedly, I'd report so the Mods can address this. Otherwise, it's going to really suck at some point.
04 Aug 16 UTC Spring, 1911: Not going down without a fight. ;-)
05 Aug 16 UTC Autumn, 1911: Alas, the fat lady is singing... the end is nigh
05 Aug 16 UTC Spring, 1912: Wow, now we have a mess.
13 Aug 16 UTC GameMaster: Israel voted for a Draw. If everyone votes Draw the game will end and the points are split equally among all the surviving players, regardless of how many supply centers each player has.
13 Aug 16 UTC Are you kidding me, I was wedged between you two? Also Samj in Spain is no surprise seeing how Spain was played. Good game guys.
13 Aug 16 UTC How are we supposed to compete against those three legends?
13 Aug 16 UTC lol - great to play with you guys even though I didn't know it! Fun game, could have gone several different directions early.
13 Aug 16 UTC Sigh... At least I can feel better about getting my butt whipped... Glad it wasn't to a bunch of noobies...
13 Aug 16 UTC You're right Doc, this could have gone a lot a different ways early. I don't know how many times I thought about stabbing you or Poland, only to stop myself. I think if I would have stabbed , I would have had to gain quickly or I would have been squeezed and destroyed.
15 Aug 16 UTC Effective alliance guys. Was there no way for you to solo Dr.? Byzantium has to have one of the worst starting positions of all powers in similar variants -- not that it would have mattered much with the resulting alliance. I.e., Even if I'd sided with the Dessert Fox form the get-go, it feels like you guys were already plotting to join up and would have later in that scenario as well. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do well with Byzantium. Game Creator also seems to get a tough draw most of the time?