webDiplomacy variants
A list of the variants available on this server, with credits and information on variant-specific rules.

Active variants:

Name Players IAMap Games finished avg. Turns Rating* Hot**
**Rating = ("players" x "games played") - **Hot = Number of active games
Aberration V9 players81 games28.21 turns7292
Abstraction III7 players78 games19.81 turns5460
Africa8 players155 games25.15 turns12402
Age of Pericles7 players52 games21.48 turns3642
Alacavre7 players22 games17.91 turns1540
American Conflict6 players102 games18.83 turns6120
Anarchy in the UK6 players161 games17.80 turns9660
The Ancient Mediterranean5 players385 games16.29 turns19254
Atlantic Colonies4 players156 games13.07 turns6240
War of Austrian Succession9 players14 games26.93 turns1261
Balkan Wars VI6 players44 games13.82 turns2640
Balkans 18607 players26 games22.96 turns1820
19007 players11 games17.18 turns772
Classic - Build anywhere7 players75 games17.44 turns5250
Canton Diplomacy7 players23 games23.57 turns1613
Caucasia5 players12 games17.25 turns600
Celtic Britain8 players46 games21.85 turns3681
Chromatic5 players51 games14.96 turns2550
Classic7 players720 games17.70 turns504014
Classic - 18807 players45 games20.42 turns3151
Classic - 18977 players78 games21.96 turns5461
Classic - 18987 players0 games0.00 turns02
Classic - 1898 Fog of War7 players-1 game19.00 turns77
Classic - 19137 players12 games19.00 turns840
Classic - Ankara Crescent7 players26 games17.92 turns1820
Classic - Brazilian7 players4 games23.50 turns280
Classic - Britain7 players2 games22.00 turns142
Classic - Cataclysm7 players15 games20.67 turns1050
Classic - Chaoctopi34 players4 games19.25 turns1360
Classic - Chaos34 players22 games24.95 turns7481
Classic - Croatia7 players2 games22.00 turns140
Classic - Crowded11 players87 games21.34 turns9570
Classic - Economic7 players56 games17.61 turns3920
Classic - Egypt7 players1 game19.00 turns70
Classic - England* Vs Turkey2 players1773 games9.61 turns35465
Classic - France vs Germany vs Austria3 players296 games11.79 turns8880
Classic - Frankland Vs Juggernaut2 players1065 games6.33 turns21301
Classic - Florence7 players4 games28.25 turns280
Classic - Fog of War7 players702 games22.14 turns491410
Classic - France vs Austria2 players2238 games10.62 turns44761
Classic - GreyPress7 players32 games19.50 turns2240
Classic - Germany vs Italy2 players1596 games10.00 turns31924
Classic - Germany vs Russia2 players495 games7.92 turns9902
Classic - Italy+ Vs England+ Vs Russia3 players482 games11.72 turns14461
Classic - Layered7 players32 games19.56 turns2240
Classic - Milan Diplomacy7 players34 games17.82 turns2381
Classic - NoNeutrals7 players17 games19.71 turns1190
Classic - Octopus7 players32 games17.69 turns2240
Classic - Pilot7 players6 games20.67 turns420
Classic - 7 Islands7 players128 games20.95 turns8960
Classic Touchy7 players30 games13.57 turns2100
Classic - Pick your countries2.62 players1146 games11.14 turns29991
Cold War2 players1277 games6.97 turns25544
Colonial Diplomacy7 players176 games21.47 turns12320
Colonial 188510 players72 games30.97 turns7201
Crusades 120111 players10 games20.40 turns1101
Classic - With a custom start7 players65 games18.95 turns4550
Dark Ages7 players55 games21.89 turns3851
Divided States50 players9 games56.56 turns4504
Duo2 players982 games14.62 turns19641
The Dutch Revolt5 players127 games21.17 turns6351
Edwardian7 players18 games22.94 turns1260
Edwardian - 3rd Edition7 players3 games15.00 turns210
Fall of the American Empire: Civil War!2 players1519 games11.21 turns30387
Fall of the American Empire IV10 players137 games27.97 turns13700
1800 - Empires and Coalitions9 players12 games25.92 turns1080
Enlightenment & Succession10 players52 games23.21 turns5200
Europa Renovatio36 players0 games0.00 turns07
16009 players52 games23.25 turns4680
Europe 19398 players163 games21.50 turns13048
Fantasy World Diplomacy12 players44 games25.00 turns5281
First Crusade7 players91 games24.42 turns6372
Classic - With fleet in Rome7 players23 games18.70 turns1610
Fubar6 players47 games12.81 turns2820
Germany 16487 players59 games16.83 turns4131
Gobble-Earth14 players36 games25.31 turns5040
Indians of the Great Lakes9 players63 games26.49 turns5670
Greek Diplomacy6 players231 games17.27 turns13862
Habelya8 players24 games24.58 turns1921
Haven19 players35 games31.49 turns6650
HeptarchyIV7 players27 games19.63 turns1891
Hundred3 players210 games7.54 turns6300
Hussite Wars9 players14 games21.14 turns1260
Imperial Diplomacy II13 players125 games28.27 turns16250
Imperium Diplomacy6 players46 games15.57 turns2760
Karibik8 players49 games21.63 turns3920
Known World 90115 players136 games35.75 turns20403
Lepanto2 players169 games8.41 turns3380
Machiavelli - The Balance of Power8 players7 games18.43 turns560
Machiavelli - To the Renaissance7 players3 games21.67 turns210
Maharajah7 players27 games18.44 turns1891
Manifest Destiny5 players27 games16.56 turns1351
Mars6 players57 games15.89 turns3421
Mate Against Mate8 players68 games24.12 turns5440
Migraine8 players10 games17.20 turns800
Modern Diplomacy II10 players253 games23.15 turns25307
Napoleonic10 players19 games24.63 turns1900
NorthSea Wars4 players100 games11.66 turns4001
Pirates13 players27 games17.85 turns3511
Punic Wars4 players27 games11.81 turns1081
Pure7 players43 games10.28 turns3010
Rat Wars4 players80 games15.69 turns3200
Renaissance - 14537 players10 games19.70 turns700
Rinascimento12 players113 games22.82 turns13561
Sail Ho II4 players103 games12.78 turns4120
Sengoku8 players113 games22.44 turns9042
Sengoku: Nagashino (V6)5 players28 games14.54 turns1400
South America (4 players)4 players301 games12.39 turns12042
South America (5 players)5 players135 games12.92 turns6751
South American Supremacy8 players46 games19.02 turns3681
Spice Islands7 players14 games19.07 turns981
10663 players201 games14.53 turns6030
1066 (V2.0)3 players28 games11.46 turns840
1066 (V3.0)3 players193 games16.30 turns5791
843: Treaty of Verdun3 players323 games8.22 turns9691
USA8 players34 games19.00 turns2722
Viking Diplomacy IV8 players102 games13.87 turns8160
World War II5 players378 games22.83 turns18903
World War IV35 players57 games35.75 turns19950
World War IV (Version 6.2)36 players22 games46.55 turns7921
World War IV sealanes35 players5 games50.40 turns1752
War in 202010 players23 games17.91 turns2300
Western World 9019 players12 games28.08 turns1080
Who controls America8 players15 games13.20 turns1200
World Diplomacy IX17 players26 games33.08 turns4421
World Diplomacy X17 players-2 games36.50 turns340
A World At War - 193712 players-0 games0.00 turns05
Youngstown - Redux10 players83 games20.75 turns8301
Youngstown World War II6 players130 games19.22 turns7802
Zeus 57 players40 games19.10 turns2801