Finished: 06 AM Tue 19 Apr 11 UTC
Realms of Conquest
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 190 D - Spring, 13, Finished
Haven, PPSC
1 excused NMR / no regaining / extend the first 1 turn(s)
Game drawn

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24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Faeries]:Hi there! Fairies for me! nice :)
So, how many places do you recognise?
Kingdom Hearts, Vinyaya, Baldursa gate, Prydain, DeepWater, Oz, Cave of Ordeals, FarFar Away + Never ever, Rivendel, Rohan, Calormen, Dargaard, Istar, Necromicon ...
i really love this map :) so many memories
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Nomads]:too bad I only recognize those in Lord of the Rings i.e. Mordor, Rohan, Rivendell, Brandywine and Two Towers ... aren't too sure about Lindon ... and I recognize Pan's Labyrinth too ~
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Faeries]:Calormen is from Chronicles of Narnia, i'm sure you've heard about it. And also from Peter Pan is the Never Ever Land and the Far Far Away is from Shreck. Kingdom of Hearts and Baldurs Gate are well-known fantasy-RPG video-games
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Nomads]:Yep Kingdom of Hearts and Never Ever Land, but not Calormen since I only read Book II and III ...
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Faeries]:what about Aslan, then? the big lion? also from Narnia
Therabithia, is from the film "bridge to Terabithia" (i don't know if it's the correct translation, but more or less (im from spain))
The more i look to the map, the more places i happen to know :)
Sleepy Hollow, famous film starring Jonny Deep
Khemri is from Warhammer (famous war board game)
Also the picture in the left-down corner is a artwork from a Magic: The Gathering card
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Wizards]:Really? Sleepy Hollow is that piece of crap Burton movie to you? It's one of the very first pieces of literature created in America. The Knickerbocker Tales and the Leather Stocking Tales are our Don Quixote and Lupe de Vega dramas, the beginnings of our literary canon.
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Faeries]:hey, how! easy man!
i'm spanish as i said, and being just 18, i've never gone further than Germany, so i don't know it... In addition,our study sistem is pretty crappy, so we don't study any foreing literature (the few i know its thanks to myself, wikipedia and googlebooks) Also, i have not even seen Sleepy Hollow, i just know about it. I just said "famous" and you can't deny that.
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Faeries]:i bet there are more than 1 province referring to various things (there is in SE a province named "France", but i think it's not named after the actual country) so i may miss, ok?
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Wizards]:Of course, Mark Twain said they were all crap.
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Faeries]:what does the "they" refer to?
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Rogues]:Anyone else having difficulty figuring out who is who on this map? I think it would help if there was a legend like on the "Fantasy" map of where the countries are.
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Archers]:Yeah, I'm having trouble too :P
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Faeries]:there is a legend. on the rigth upper corner.
If you look at the outfit of your troops, you can look for them and locate them. Hope it helps and feel free to ask if it is not clear (which, rereading, i'm sure it isn't)
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Hobbits]:It would be nice if you didnt have to scroll the map
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Rogues]:Yeah I noticed the figures, but it is not very helpful. I feel I have to squint to figure out what a unit is. Even if you just changed the background for the legend and put the country's color behind the figures it would help a lot.
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Centaurs]:it is a bit confusing i dunno how many of you are in the other game too but it gets easier as you go
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Faeries]:"Even if you just changed" you talk like if any of us is the creator or something :)
Talk to Oli for that matters
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Faeries]:
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Hobbits]:Must suck to be the nomads
24 Jan 11 UTC Spring, 1: [Pirates]:rivendell is from wheel of time, and istar is the fallen city in the dragonlance chronicles, very good books