Finished: 12 AM Thu 07 May 20 UTC
A speedy, quite hot Cold War (but no nukes)
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 2 D - Autumn, 1962, Finished
1 excused NMR / regain after 2 turn(s) / extend always
Game won by BBQSauce123321 (2113 D)

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06 May 20 UTC Spring, 1960: Ready?
06 May 20 UTC Autumn, 1960: It appears this will be fast then
06 May 20 UTC Autumn, 1960: Im here
07 May 20 UTC Spring, 1961: Well the fact you missed the first turn means that I have a lot more units than you now, as you can see. That's what I meant
07 May 20 UTC Spring, 1961: Also be sure to ready up rather than save moves so this moves faster
07 May 20 UTC Spring, 1962: I like to save my moves while I’m writing them just in case time runs out and nothing happens
07 May 20 UTC Spring, 1962: You are also allowed to press concede
07 May 20 UTC Spring, 1962: That makes sense
07 May 20 UTC Well, bye
07 May 20 UTC I'm curious how this would have gone had you not missed the first turn
07 May 20 UTC We can make another, but fair warning I’m still relatively new to the game and not very good
07 May 20 UTC I'm good. But don't do live games is my advice
07 May 20 UTC Ive made one under the name ‘A speedy, quite hot Cold War (but no nukes)-2‘ if you want to join
07 May 20 UTC That way you have the time to sit down and think about your moves
07 May 20 UTC Oh sorry didn’t see your previous message
07 May 20 UTC I do feel that the slow methodical pace of the game is quite nice however I also like the frantic nature of live games
07 May 20 UTC Playing Cold War is a good way to practice your skills. Don't just think about your moves. Try to figure out what your opponent might do and plan against that. For instance, over in the Ionian sea area, I could have moved to East Med first turn but I didn't so that way if you moved Ionian I could take your home SC
07 May 20 UTC Things like that
07 May 20 UTC It reminds me of the way I first got introduced to the game in an after school club run by the head teacher
07 May 20 UTC He was very strict about handing your orders in on time and very strict about them not being ambiguous in any way