Start: If full - Expires: 8 days, 21 hours (07 PM Tue 26 Jan UTC)
World War Joy 2
3 days /phase
Pot: 30 D - Spring, 1937, 6 players (of 12) missing.
A World At War - 1937, Anon, PPSC, Hidden draw votes, ChooseYourCountry
1 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend the first 1 turn(s)
Tue 12 Jan UTC GameMaster: Please remember that negotiations before the game begins are not allowed.
Tue 12 Jan UTC New version of previous World War Joy game with much lower bet. I misjudged how much to set it at. My bad.
Tue 12 Jan UTC How should I go about advertising the game?
Wed 13 Jan UTC I'm not sure how you advertise anonymous games. If you put it in the forum everyone will know you are in it.
Wed 13 Jan UTC Do you know how to find the games game ID?
Wed 13 Jan UTC No, I'm not sure. We should probably ask how to advertise anonymous games in the forum. Someone should know.
Thu 03 AM UTC Well, I asked about it and they told me how, although I still wound up giving up my name when I posted to the NON live games thread. Hopefully it picks up.
Thu 03 AM UTC I hope so. I haven't played on this map yet, and am looking forward to it.
Thu 05 AM UTC Me to :)
Thu 05 AM UTC I’ll repost the ad a few times, every few days probably.
Sat 03 AM UTC The game ID is in the URL
Sat 05 AM UTC Oooh, we got another one!!! Hi Italy!!! Should I post another ad then??
Sat 06 AM UTC By the way, will the game start even if it doesn’t fill entirely?
Sat 08 AM UTC No, if it expires the game will just auto-delete, so if it gets close to that we might consider asking a mod for an extension
Sat 07 PM UTC Sup Britain :) welcome aboard!
Sat 07 PM UTC sup
Sun 12 AM UTC Mexico! Thanks for joining :)
03:03 AM UTC It is I Siam! I’ll apologize in advance incase I happen to accidentally invade someone’s asian colonies.
06:26 AM UTC Welcome Siam :)
10:35 AM UTC Hi Siam
01:39 PM UTC Hi
NoMoves Toggle moves
Big map
This is an anon game, names will be revealed once the game ends.
Britain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Thailand