Finished: 04 PM Wed 21 Jul 21 UTC
Who are you?-2
1 day /phase
Pot: 40 D - Autumn, 2028, Finished
Africa, No messaging, Anon, WTA
1 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend the first 3 turn(s)
Game won by Grahamso1 (1861 D)

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08 Jun 21 UTC Autumn, 2014: GameMaster: Someone has taken over DRC replacing "Marshal Davout". Reconsider your alliances.
14 Jun 21 UTC Autumn, 2016: GameMaster: Someone has taken over Morocco replacing "Pieyoko". Reconsider your alliances.
13 Jul 21 UTC Autumn, 2025: GameMaster: Someone has taken over South Africa replacing "Confutatis". Reconsider your alliances.
16 Jul 21 UTC Autumn, 2026: GameMaster: Someone has taken over Nigeria replacing "Victorius". Reconsider your alliances.
16 Jul 21 UTC Autumn, 2026: GameMaster: Nigeria voted for a Draw. If everyone votes Draw the game will end and the points are split equally among all the surviving players, regardless of how many supply centers each player has.
19 Jul 21 UTC Spring, 2028: GameMaster: Morocco voted for a Concede. If everyone (but one) votes concede the game will end and the player _not_ voting Concede will get all the points. Everybody else will get a defeat.
19 Jul 21 UTC Spring, 2028: GameMaster: Mali voted for a Draw. If everyone votes Draw the game will end and the points are split equally among all the surviving players, regardless of how many supply centers each player has.
20 Jul 21 UTC Well we finished the game with a lot better talent than we started. The original S Africa played one of the worst games I’ve seen (original DRC close behind). I couldn’t figure out what to do about him. In the end had to take him out though at that moment Morocco looked possible to push for the solo.
I am curious Chutt, if you eased off and worked with Mali because as a replacement you were less aggressive? Or did you not see a path to solo? I think you could have done it at one point, soon after you took over I think.
Last move or two I always had Cameroon at risk. In a game with press I would have lost it. But was hard for 2-3 players to coordinate which of the units supports which etc of course and that gave me the solo. If I had lost Cameroon (for example a coordinated support of N’Djamena) I couldn’t see another 32nd SC I could get. Despite my shuffling with fleet in the east.
20 Jul 21 UTC Thanks all. Especially those that stepped up to fill in for (too many) drop outs.
20 Jul 21 UTC (As an aside - my highest position and VPoints ever so probably all downhill from here …)
20 Jul 21 UTC Gg to Ethiopia.

To everyone else - what the hell.

Nigeria - you never attempted to help out in a timely manner. A spot for you on the line at Cameroon was there, but you never went for it and turtled to death.

Morocco - I needed you to follow me with fleets down the coast and even signaled you to do it. Why didn't you? And if you had stopped your attack on me and let my fleets out sooner, this could've been stopped. In the last year, it absolutely kills me that my support in Sao Tome would've won it....I had thought for sure Ethiopia would cut it....but the guaranteed move was always from N'Djamena, not Port H. I should've signaled it in spring so you could know in fall. My bad.

DRC and South Africa - this solo is ultimately on you guys. South Africa was originally a new player, so...whatever. But DRC, man you blew me up at Ascension. That was the line. That single move changed the game from "okay eliminate Nigeria and South Africa and draw" to "oh fuck there's gonna be a solo"
20 Jul 21 UTC I am fine with soloing. I was all in on fighting Ethiopia with everyone else but then I was stabbed by South Africa which just seemed like the stupidest thing to do at that time. So I threw the game since I had no stake in it and I like to think it people might learn to time their stabs better in the future.
20 Jul 21 UTC Also Graham...I disagree a bit there on your critique of Chutt's decision. Yes I would've gone down had they attacked me, but majority of my SCs would've gone to Nigeria, not Morocco. And due to the geography of that area, an attacker from the south will always win out in a fight over an attacker from the north once they have control of places like Bamako and Sikasso.

Now, had the fleet moved south instead of east....different story. The move would've been to take Nouakchott with a fleet, then force Mid-Atlantic, and then start convoying armies in. Do that and I'm dead and Nigeria can't hold anything important that they so manage to take. West to East beats East to West on that part of the map
20 Jul 21 UTC do realize that South Africa left, right? He learned nothing and isn't even reading this now.

And even then....the draw would've been without them. Yeah their stab was stupid, but your reasoning for allowing the solo doesn't make sense. You just punished the ones who played properly.
20 Jul 21 UTC I confess. I didn’t study the layout. Just based on SC count. I thought it was *possible* for Morocco to take everything that ended yellow. Plus beat me in the Atlantic and probably take Cameroon. I defer to your view of that wasn’t really on. I’m not complaining ;-)
20 Jul 21 UTC This is the second time recently that you've solo'd an easy game I was in Graham...perhaps I'm your good luck charm :)
20 Jul 21 UTC Indeed. (I wouldn’t say it was easy tho! I am firmly of the opinion that no one - not even the SplitDiplomat - solos in gunboat without mistakes on the other wise)
20 Jul 21 UTC “Side”
20 Jul 21 UTC By the time they left I had already thrown my game too far to be bothered to come back from that. So sorry not having any regrets about it.
20 Jul 21 UTC What do you mean too far? Autumn 1926 you're occupying two key centers on the line and nuke me in Ascension for no reason.

Your game is thrown too far when you're dead. Your position was like a Germany trying to throw to France to fuck over England, but still in control of Berlin and Munich. And Russia is pushing armies into Silesia to reinforce, so you support yourself to Silesia.

You deserve to have regrets about this one. Just because you enter a game as a sub doesn't mean you shouldn't care about it. If that's your attitude, the games are better left in CD.

Oh, and nice supported move to SE Atlantic Ocean (that had no hostile fleets bordering it) in Autumn 2015 when you could've tapped Sao Tome to take Cameroon. And that was back before you'd "thrown my game too far to be bothered"