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Finished: 02 PM Thu 02 Sep 21 UTC
Cold War-161
1 day /phase
Pot: 2 D - Spring, 1963, Finished
1 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend always
Game won by ArtemisBlack (1383 D)

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01 Sep 21 UTC Spring, 1960: Good luck!
01 Sep 21 UTC Autumn, 1962: Damn, guessed wrong on Australia. I think that about sinks me
01 Sep 21 UTC Autumn, 1962: Also on Paris too...thought for sure you'd tap West Germany there
01 Sep 21 UTC GameMaster: NATO voted for a Concede. If everyone (but one) votes concede the game will end and the player _not_ voting Concede will get all the points. Everybody else will get a defeat.
01 Sep 21 UTC Ggwp!

Paris is an unmarked coast and I always forget, there's so many
01 Sep 21 UTC Haha, sorry, I meant I thought East Germany would tap West Germany, rendering taking Paris worthless.
01 Sep 21 UTC Ohh I see what you meant, yeah I was expecting to lose Paris so I was just setting up for the retake instead