Start: If full - Expires: 4 days, 24 hours (07 PM Thu 02 Feb UTC)
europe 1450
1 day /phase
Unrated - Spring, 1450, 28 players (of 36) missing.
2 excused NMR / regain after 5 turn(s) / extend the first 3 turn(s)
04 Jan 23 UTC (christinaFeggy): Oh nice it's unranked
04 Jan 23 UTC (Vaultboy): Oh Jesus, and it's public messaging only. Nevermind
06 Jan 23 UTC (Saladin_der_Weise): Hello there
07 Jan 23 UTC (han-shahanshah): Hello!
07 Jan 23 UTC (han-shahanshah): Hopefully we'll have enough players to start on time
07 Jan 23 UTC (hakureimarisa): fat chance tho
08 Jan 23 UTC (jeinkins): well, we can hope, the map looks beautiful and a lot of the powers are in very interesting positions so I really hope the game gets enough people
08 Jan 23 UTC (mouse): If we're getting close to the expiry, the game creator can potentially ask in the mod forum for the sign-up period to be extended.

Games of this size rarely fill up without the period being extended at least once.
08 Jan 23 UTC (jeinkins): i hope so
Fri 13 Jan UTC GOD (Moderator): Extended by 20 days. Consider advertising in the corresponding forum thread.
Tue 08 PM UTC (Hdden): Hi!
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Big map
mouse (2082 D), christinaFeggy (1640 D), Taishi Ci (1965 D), Andizza (991 D), BloodForSauron (1000 D), han-shahanshah (967 D), Hdden (967 D), Saladin_der_Weise (749 D)