Start: If full - Expires: 8 days, 12 hours (12 PM Thu 07 Mar UTC)
Big Hitters
2 days /phase
Pot: 2750 D - Spring, 1, 8 players (of 19) missing.
Haven, Rulebook press, Anon, WTA, Hidden draw votes
1 excused NMR / regain after 10 turn(s) / extend always
Mon 12 Feb UTC dibs on winning
Mon 12 Feb UTC Ah, last time I was on this map I got thoroughly mashed, fried, and stuck in stew (bone-broth base)
Mon 12 Feb UTC Haven't played this one in years, I recall having a good showing as the Elves though.
Mon 12 Feb UTC We should do some wordplays with Haven/Haven't
Mon 12 Feb UTC Here
Mon 12 Feb UTC Pray that you get on the top or the bottom, the countries in the middle are much worse off
Mon 12 Feb UTC Better Red than dead, I say
Tue 13 Feb UTC We're not playing with the fog of war and special abilities stuff, are we?
Tue 13 Feb UTC I assume all the rules in the variant page will be active. Not sure about FoW?
Tue 13 Feb UTC no FoW
Tue 13 Feb UTC Otherwise look up the variant page. No big special rules except for being able to build on any Home SC AND the big SCs.
Tue 13 Feb UTC Yeah, it's just that the variant page links to the full rules:
Wed 14 Feb UTC That obviously would require a lot more coding than vDip supports, so I highly doubt it. I've played the map before and it had none of those things.
Fri 16 Feb UTC Actually there is a improved v2 of this map on the variant homepage - maybe one day we could see it here?
Mon 19 Feb UTC Oop didn't notice this got created
Fri 23 Feb UTC Now the anonymity of the game comes back to bite us - who is missing?
Fri 23 Feb UTC Need a mod to extend the joining deadline.
Fri 23 Feb UTC I'm here
Fri 23 Feb UTC Why extend? We're obviously not getting to 19.
Fri 23 Feb UTC We supposedly had more than 19 interested in the forum...
Sat 24 Feb UTC We will one day get to 19
Sat 24 Feb UTC Looking through the thread lots of those people have far less than 250 points available
Sat 24 Feb UTC There have got to be at least 19 people on this website with 250 plus points that want to play this variant, right?
Sat 03 AM UTC So far my DMs have resulted in one extra person joining.
Sat 08 AM UTC Now 2 extras
Sat 10 AM UTC v2 of this variant looks nuts with all the special rules. I reckon vDip could do the FOW part of it (minus the lighthouse bit) but I don't think it could manage the rest of the crazy rules.
Sat 01 PM UTC The special rules, including FOW, are optional in v2 and may also have been included in earlier versions. In fact, if I read "**** All the rules below this point do not apply to games currently in play.****" correctly, nobody is playing the game with the special rules even on Diplomaticcorp, which has human gamemasters.

Granted, the page is so long that it can be a bit hard to navigate. I asked about the special rules without realizing that they were optional and without noticing that v1 was updated to v2 way back in 2011, and that we're using the version without the improvements here on vDip.
Sun 12 PM UTC SHOULD we cancel this and look for a variant with 14 players? Gobble-Earth maybe?
Sun 01 PM UTC I would like to play this variant, likely not interested in a smaller one. Although G-man might be in for another map.
Mon 08 AM UTC I don't mind. I think we lost a little momentum since the original suggestion which is understandable. We may need to reassess options provided a fair balance is met.
Mon 01 PM UTC I'm going to give this a couple more days, then jump out and see what other options are on the table in the forum.
Mon 01 PM UTC For those of us still interested in this game, we *could* also open this up to the general audience
Mon 02 PM UTC Nothing stopping then joining anyway, except for the high entry cost
Mon 02 PM UTC ah, I forgot that this wasn't a password game
Mon 02 PM UTC Maybe post it in the unstarted games thread anyway?
Mon 03 PM UTC Yes
Mon 03 PM UTC I'm out. We're past the original expiration of this game now, and I find this variant odd anyway.

I'd be up for trying Fantasy World Diplomacy or Gobble-Earth.
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