Contact the Moderators
Learn how to contact the moderators and what information to include.

Contacting a mod/admin:

Why contact a mod/admin:

Mods can:

  • Reset your password.
  • Pause/Unpause/Draw games when a player is unavailable to vote.
  • Remove a missing player from a game.
  • Detect cheaters.
  • Ban/unban users, reset user/game invite codes, give/take points, change game settings like phase length, etc.
  • Handle bug reports.

For these issues use the info below to send reports. For general questions you should go elsewhere (e.g. the forum).

Where to send

  • Post a message in the ModForum. Do not message the moderators privately.
    An Owner can be contacted at, if you want to appeal an admin or mod decision.

What to send

Always try to have some clear reasons when contacting and do not mention it on the forum. In your report you should include:

  • If making a game request (e.g for a pause or unpause):
    • Please provide a link to your game or the game name (spelled correctly!)
    • Please explain why you need a pause, how long you need it for, and the urgency.
  • If reporting a cheater:
    • Links to the accounts of the players who you suspect.
    • Link(s) to any specific game(s) that raised your suspicions.

We will try to reply to you quickly, but be patient: investigations can take quite some time. If a week has gone by please feel free to follow up.