Developer/webmaster info
All the info you need to help improve or install webDiplomacy.

Webdiplomacy is open source, and we welcome contributions! You can find our todo list here, and our code here

Feature requests

We get a lot of feature requests. If your feature request isn't already on our issue tracker, then the best place to ask is the forum. This will help us gauge support for your ideas, before we add it to the todo list.

Bug reports

If you're familiar with github, you're welcome to submit a bug report in our issue tracker. Please be as detailed as possible, and include steps to reproduce the bug, what happens, and what you expect to happen instead. If you don't want to use github, you can also email bug reports to

Code contributions

We welcome code contributions for any of the issues on the "soon" milestone. Simply fork the project, and develop a fix in a branch. We accept pull requests that:

When writing the text of your pull request, please include:

Any questions, please email, and a member of the dev team will answer.

Code links - the vDiplomacy-code - the original webDiplomacy-code - the issues


README.txt - Installation data for webmasters

AGPL.txt - The license protecting this code, if you make changes to the code you've got to share those changes.


If you want to make a change this is where you should start. The two images and text files below will give you a feel for where everything is and how webDip is structured, so you know where to go to find whatever you need to change.

layout-code.png, layout-code.txt - File/directory layout image and text file; how the code is structured and what different files do

layout-database.png, layout-database.txt - The database layout image and text file; how the database is structured and what different tables do

Misc notes

javascript.txt - JavaScript info

gotchas.txt - Annoying quirks

archive.txt - Info on the archive tables

coasts.txt - Info on how coasts are handled

We used to have a forum for developers, but it was closed due to inactivity and spammers. Some of the content there is still useful:

Archived project page
Last Updated: 2013-04-25. Our old project page.