World War IV (Version 6.2) (36 players)
A variant with an enormous map for 36 players over the whole globe.
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Variant Parameters (Version: 6.2 / Code: 1.1.10):

Special rules/information:

  1. Home supply centers:
    Units may be built on any vacant supply center that has been held for a fall. (i.e. all supply centers controlled by players are considered their "home supply centers" for the purpose of building units)
  2. The first turn: builds
    The game starts with a build phase for every power.
  3. Special kick-out after first build:
    If a player does not check in during the first build phase his status is immediately set to "Left" and the country gets a "default build" so another player can take over in this early stage.
  4. Globe:
    The map is a globe, so you can leave the map on the left side and enter at the right side.
  5. Island Convoy:
    Some islands now allow for fleets to convoy through them. These are shown on the map as having green abbreviations.
  6. Neutral, Home & Capital supply centers:
    These function as regular supply centers. They have been shown on this map as different for the purposes of players wishing to play the UN rule via a Special Rule Game. The UN rule is not automatically adjudicated.