Canton Diplomacy (7 players)
Asia at the beginning of the 20th century.
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Variant Parameters (Version: 1 / Code: 1.3):

Special rules/information:

  1. The game begins in Spring 1901.
  2. There are 36 supply centers on the map; 23 centers are controlled by the great powers and 13 centers are neutral. Ownership of 19 supply centers after Fall Retreats is necessary for victory.
  3. Canals: Constantinople (Con), Egypt (Egy).
  4. Multiple coasts: Bulgaria (Bul) East Coast/South Coast, Canton (Can) East Coast/South Coast, Damascus (Dam) West Coast/South Coast, Siam (Sia) West Coast/East Coast.
  5. Impassable: Nepal (Nep), East Africa (EAf), Australia (Aus), Balkans (Blk).

Starting Positions:

Britain (B): A Calcutta (Cal), A Delhi (Del), F Madras (Mad)

China (C): A Chungking (Chu), F Peking (Pek), A Shanghai (Sha), A Tibet (Tib)

France (F): A Hanoi (Han), A Hue (Hue), F Saigon (Sai)

Holland (H): F Borneo, F Java (Jav), F Sumatra (Sum)

Japan (J): A Kyoto (Kyo), F Sasebo (Sas), F Tokyo (Tok)

Russia (R): A Irkutsk (Irk), F Khabarovsk (Kha), A Moscow (Mos), F Sevastopol (Sev)

Turkey (T): A Baghdad (Bag), F Constantinople (Con), A Damascus (Dam)

Changes from the original:

  1. The province of Kirghiz (KIR) is renamed Kazakhstan (KAZ) for better geographical accuracy.
  2. Certain country colors are changed for cosmetic reasons. Namely: Turkey (orange > red ), Russia (white > green), Japan (red > pink), Holland (green > orange).