Spice Islands (7 players)
A fleet-heavy variant set in Southeast Asia.
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Variant Parameters (Version: 2.0 / Code: 1.0.2):

Special rules/information:

The start date is Spring 1491.

  1. Powers can build on any vacant supply center they own.
  2. The Chinese Empire is impassable.
  3. The "Autumn" season is called "Monsoon".

Starting Positions:

Sultanate of Brunei, Fleet Brunei (Bru), Fleet Tunku (Tun), Fleet Palawan (Pal)

Sultanate of Majapahit, Fleet Javadvipa South Coast (Jav sc), Fleet Pajajaran (Paj), Fleet Trowulan (Tro)

Kingdom of Tondo, Fleet Tondo (Ton), Fleet Kasiguran (Kas), Fleet Namayan South Coast (Nam sc)

Sultanate of Malacca, Fleet Malacca (Mal), Fleet Riau (Ria), Fleet Pahang (Pah)

Kingdom of Ayutthaya, Army Ayutthaya (Ayu), Army Roi Et (RoE), Fleet Daiwei West Coast (Daw wc)

Sultanate of Ternate, Fleet Halmahera (Hal), Fleet Buru (Bur), Fleet Seram (Ser)

Kingdom of Dai Viet, Army Hanoi (Han), Army Haiphong (Hai), Fleet Faifo (Fai)