Viking Diplomacy IV (8 players)
Europe in the Vikings age.
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Variant Parameters (Version: 4.0 / Code: 1.3):

Special rules/information:

  1. Map Notes:
    • Hedeby is a channel province, just like Kiel in standard.
    • Oerne(and Kalmar) is a channel too, and armies can move to Kalmar, Jylland and Hedeby without convoy.
    • Fleets in the waterways labelled "Volga route" and "Dnepr route" may convoy armies. The armies can only be convoyed along the waterway, not across the river (e.g. a fleet in Gardarike may convoy an army from Kjonugard to Holmgard, but not from Smolensk to Mordvin).
  2. Armed Neutrals:
    There are 5 armies defending the neutral SC's at Buda, Pest, London, Jorsal and Alexandria.
    They order:
    • London => Hold
    • Buda => Suport Hold Pest
    • Pest => Suport Hold Buda
    • Jorsal => Suport Hold Alexandria
    • Alexandria => Suport Hold Jorsal
    If dislodged, they retreat off the board.
    They will only do the support if they unit they support is a holding neutral as well.