Zeus 5 (7 players)
WWII from the perspective of Mt. Olympus
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Variant Parameters (Version: 5 / Code: 1.1):

Special rules/information:


This game follows standard Diplomacy rules with the exception of:

  • There are 41 Supply Centers. The Victory Criterion is 21 Centers
  • The Home Centers for the Great Powers are (Capitals listed first):
      China: Peking, Canton, Chungking
    • Japan: Tokyo, Sendai, Sapporo
    • United States: New York, Washington, Hawaii, *California
    • Soviet Union: Moscow, Stalingrad, Leningrad, Magadan
    • Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich
    • Italy: Venice, Rome, Tripoli
    • United Kingdom: London, Edinburgh, Canada, Egypt, Middle East
  • Canal Provinces. Egypt, Hamburg, Sweden, Denmark, Kyushu, Korea and Panama are considered to have only one coast
  • Land Crossings (Direct Passage): Both Armies and Fleets may move directly between Denmark and Sweden, Korea and Kyushu, Tokyo and Kyushu, and Spain and North Africa. Fleets may only move between North Sea and Baltic Sea, or between Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea & Okinawa, by first moving to one of the intervening land spaces. Denmark, Sweden, Korea, Kyushu and Tokyo are considered one-coast provinces, as is Spain. Units may not move directly between Greece and Turkey.
  • Fleets may move directly between West Med. Sea and either MAO or SAO; and between East Med. Sea and Black Sea.
  • Pacific Island Areas. Armies may enter the Hawaiian, Midway, Okinawa and Solomon Is., spaces without convoy, as if they were land provinces. Fleets may move and convoy through these spaces as if they were ordinary sea spaces
  • Western Britain is considered a single coastal province which in real life consists of Wales, SW England, Irish Sea and Ireland. All units treat this area as a single coastal territory. Armies cannot convoy through Western Britain.
  • The first move of the game is Winter 1939, which means that the first turn is a build phase
  • India contains a Standing Army, which must be dislodged before it can be occupied and claimed as a Supply Center
  • U.S.A. may always build units in California instead of in a Home SC if it wishes, provided it owns California